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Dominate the Barbell.

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Unlock Your Potential:  Personalized Programming

I design custom training plans based on your goals, experience, and strengths.

Master Your Technique:  Daily Video Analysis

Receive video analysis of your lifts to ensure optimal form for and maximize results.

Goal-Focused Approach:  Achieve Your True Potential

We regularly review your goals together and develop strategies to help you achieve them.

Fast and Reliable Support:  Get

Answers Quickly

Get the guidance you need, anytime, anywhere. You have access to expert coaching whenever a question arises.

Continuous Progress:  Monthly Updates Tailored to Your Progress

Your program evolves with you. Receive monthly program updates tailored to your progress, keeping you challenged and motivated.

Kate 341lb deadlift

Kate D – From Bear Fighting To Champion

“Wanted to be strong enough to fight a bear? That’s how Kate described her goal. We started with just a kettlebell, and guess what? She went on to SMASH a 155kg deadlift (341lbs) at her first powerlifting meet, taking home the GOLD! “

Kate 341lb deadlift

Christine W – Conquering the Fear

Anxious about the gym and afraid of heavy weights? That was Christine. Starting with just 25lb dumbbells at home, she crushed her fear with my coaching. Now a competition regular, Christine leaves those light weights in the dust and DOMINATES the barbell! “

Kate 341lb deadlift

Sahara C – From Depth Deficit to Deadlift Dominator

“Already a strong lifter, Sahara hit a wall. Struggling with squat depth and a 165lb deadlift limited by grip strength. With my guidance, she’s now pulling 270lbs off the floor and well on her way to 300, and hasn’t missed squat depth in ages.

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