Hey there, I’m Nick.

But there are some who call me Pickolas.

I’m a competitive powerlifter, and when I’m not helping clients crush their goals, I’m on the platform myself, chasing that next personal record.

But listen, it wasn’t always barbells and squats. I spent years lost in the jungle of fad diets and restrictive eating plans. That bullshit didn’t taste good, and it sure didn’t work.  It tasted like stuffing vegetables into a tiny green container, or eating enough cabbage soup that I shit my brains out.

That’s when I discovered powerlifting, and let me tell you, it changed everything.

Powerlifting showed me it’s not about punishment or deprivation. It’s about building real strength, feeling confident as hell in your own skin, and maybe even deadlifting more than your bodyweight. That’s the kind of fitness I want to help YOU achieve.


Nick Anderson Powerlifting

any of Here’s the real me in a nutshell:

  • Husband to a freaking awesome woman.
  • Dog/cat dad to two furry goofballs who keep me entertained (and occasionally frustrated).
  • Loud and proud LGBTQIA+ ally.
  • Die-hard feminist.
  • I believe poop jokes are the pinnacle of humor.
  • I cry when I feel like crying. It’s healthy.
  • You’ll find me jamming to Taylor Swift on the regular.

And if  anyone has a problem with any of that, they can kiss the sweatiest part of my purple powerlifting singlet.

Much love,


P.S. I help people just like you – folks who are tired of the next fad diet and just want to feel good in their own bodies. Let’s ditch the bullshit and build a healthier, stronger you together.