Hey there, I’m Nick.

But there are some who call me Pickolas.

I’ve been an online fitness coach since 2020, and I got into coaching because when I was first trying to get in shape for myself I ate up a lot of bullshit.


And the bullshit didn’t taste very good. It tasted like stuffing vegetables into a tiny green container, or eating enough cabbage soup that I shit my brains out.


Once I learned that you don’t have to take extreme measures to lose weight or get strong, or just feel like your body isn’t attacking you… I realized how passionate I was about teaching that to others.


Nick Anderson Powerlifting


So I took a leap of faith and quit my secure, stable, well paying job in the engineering field to pursue a career that I cared about.


I wanted to pursue a career of helping people just like you. People who are tired of trying and failing the next fad diet all in the aim to lose weight so people you don’t even know will think you look good.


Most of all, I want to help people see that fitness isn’t just fat loss.


I want to teach you that fitness doesn’t have to be about how you look, but it’s about how you feel.


It’s about getting your body to function well and at its peak, through exercise and good eating habits. But also being able to feel good because you’re allow yourself to eat a slice of cheesecake, sometimes without feeling sad or guilty about it.

I am a husband to a wonderful woman.

I am a dog/cat dad to two adorably frustrating troublemakers.

I am a LGBTQIA+ ally

I am a feminist

I am a competitive powerlifter

I think poop jokes are the highest form of comedy

I cry when I feel like crying.

I bop out to Taylor Swift songs on the regular.

I don’t believe that women should clean and men should fix things. My wife and I share those responsibilities.


And if anyone doesn’t like that they can kiss the fattest part of my ass


Much love,